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Sheriffs of Williamson County

The WCHC extends a special thanks to the the Sheriff's department for letting us display these photos. These photos are for viewing only - Photographic policies prohibit reproduction - please contact the Williamson museum for reproduction rights.

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Whitfield Chalk
Sheriff 1848-1850

no photo
Allen Stroud
Sheriff 1850-1851

Joab B Harrell
Sheriff 1851-1855

Levi Asher
Sheriff 1856-1857

Elisha Thomason
Sheriff 1858-1862

William K. Makemson
Sheriff 1863-1865

A L Houston
 Sheriff 1865-1866

William H Warnock
Sheriff 1866-1868

Leroy B Lord Sheriff 1868-1869

John Champion
Sheriff 1869

John L Peay
Sheriff 1869-1874

S M Strayhorn
Sheriff 1874 -1881

James Milton Tucker
Sheriff 1881-1884

Jabus Louellyn Brittain
Sheriff term unknown

John T Olive
Sheriff 1884-1888

Sampson Connell Sheriff
1888-1890 and

W S Brookshire
Sheriff 1892 1894

H C Purl
Sheriff 1894-1898

Sampson Connell
1888-1890 and

Lee O Allen
Sheriff 1912-1924

Louis H Lowe
Sheriff 1925-1936

Robert  Davis
Sheriff 1937-1938 & 1941-1946

B M McLaughlin
Sheriff 1939-1940

Robert  Davis
Sheriff 1937-1938 & 1941-1946

S Red Allen
Sheriff 1947- 1954

Henry  C  Matysek
Sheriff 1954-1974

August Bosshard
Sheriff 1974-1977

A O "Pete" Shier
Sheriff 1977-1978

Jim Boutwell
Sheriff 1978-1993

Ed Richards
Sheriff 1993-2001

John A. Maspero
Sheriff  2001-2003

Richard Elliott
Sheriff  2003 to 2004

Jim Wilson
Sheriff 2004-2005
to be completed


James R Wilson
Sheriff 2005-till now



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