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The WCHM extends a special thanks to the Hutto Heritage Foundation and Mike Fowler for letting the WCHC display these images from the Hugh Davenport Sr. photo collection.

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J.E. Hutto Sr
circa 1905
This is the Mr. Hutto
for which Hutto is named

Top to Bottom
J.E. Hutto Sr
J.R. Hutto
W.T. Hutto
W.B. Hutto

W.T. Hutto
W.T. was the oldest
son of J.R Hutto

Beatrice, Lillian,
& Bernice Hutto
(note his chain and hat)
Children of W.T. and Daisy Hutto

Robert Benjamin Hutto 1886

Mary Alice Barker; Mrs. Robert Benjamin Hutto 1886

Grand Mother
R. B. Hutto:
Mrs. Barker Hutto

Edwin Farley

Edwin Farley (
back center), Woodie Saul, (front left), Davidron Farley (right front)

Jim Cooper, Jack Blackman, "Coot" Cooper, Dutch Blackman, Glen Blackman, Cecil Ray

Hy Kyle,
Wooten Boatright, Hendson, Harkins,
Tom Hyslop

W. E.  Goltis school superintendent 

 Hutto sky line
circa 1870


Residence St


South M. E . Church Hutto Texas

Church in
early Hutto

Hutto school 1929-30 2nd grade Teachers Miss Westbrook & Hanstrom

Hutto school 1930-31 3rd grade Teachers Miss Westbrook & Hanstrom


 Hutto school

the 3rd Hutto school

the 4th Hutto school

Farmers Merchants
State Bank

George Blackman, Blackman's Garage 1929 - note Magnolia Gasoline and Glass-top pumps

Blackman's Garage
workers 1930

Hutto downtown
before cars

Hutto downtown note
cars on right side

 Edward Ragan

Midget Cafe

Steam engine
at the station
(note man on
the cow catcher)

Hutto Rail Road
Station 1917

Gambling on a
train flat car


Edwin Farley
at the far right


Bill Goodwin
Bill Bowden
E Goodwin 
Roy Holman

Hutto Band 1900

 Hutto baseball

Hutto cotton gin workers

Ryo Simms,
John Barnes,
 Geo Barnes

Gus Hanson,
C. E. Hanstrom

H. H. Highsmith 

Wagon train of
cotton going from Lease
to Hutto for Ginning

Mae & Sid Miller
of Miller's Dept. Store

Jakes Hill Bridge
over Brusky Creek

Grand Mother Simmons

Sam Blackman

Ed Johnson,
Bill Farley
Angel Mathews

Mr Mrs J B Gainer

front row
Mary Farley, & Mary Kate Harrison,
2nd row Ethel Medthews, & Lillian Hutto, & Edwin Farley, 3rd row Albert Towns, &  Merle Murchison

Wagon train of
cotton going from Lease
to Hutto for Ginning


Spencer Godwin

Will, Leonta, Jeney,

Round Bale Gin

Mae Brown 
Esther Highsmith 
on School coal shed

William Farley
Dago Nelson
Frank Matthews
Owen Saul

Hutto HighSchool
Rudolph Peterson
Siqred Gustafson
Emzy Saul
Esther Highsmith
Rudolph Bowden

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