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image 5072
Methodist Church, Mark Jones Res., Granger Texas

image 9079
Street Scene "Looking West on Davilla", Granger, Texas

image 9017
Original SPJST Hall [Czech Lodge], Granger, Texas, ca. 1910's

image 5079
Czech Girl's Society, took care of church, SS Cryil & Methodius Catholic Church, Granger, Texas, ca. 1902. bottom row l-r: Marie Cervenka [Adolph Naizer], Mary Janak [Wm Cervenka], Marcella Bartosh [John R. Naizer], RosIe Prikryl [Joe Rozacky], Bertha Prikryl [John Vaualatur] [Carhes
Kubala], 2nd Row l-r: Antomie Mareck, [Vinc Bohac], Anna C. Martinka
[Mattthew Rozayra], Emlie David [Joe Sladecek], Tereze Martinka [John
Provaznik], Alzbeth Nemec [Fran Fronek]

image 8006
The 1903 wedding of John Bohac and Aloisia Naizer at the S.S. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church in Granger. A farming family, they raised 7 children.

image 8007
Wedding of William Cervenka and Maria Janak, 9 June 1906, Granger, Texas,
photo by Martinets Photo Studio.

image 8008
Hermina Janak home southwest of Granger, Texas. Shown are the Andrew Janak and Family, ca. 1896

image 8009
William and Mary [Janak] Cervenka and children l-r: Albert, Joe, Willie, and
Bertha, Granger, Texas, ca.1910

image 8010
Double Wedding of Brothers: Jo Machu and Tracy Vitek, John L. Machu and Frances Kopecky at their home near San Gabrial River, SE of Granger, Texas.
Shown is the Fireman's Band ca. 1920

image 8013
Wedding Photo of  Charles Bernard Bartosh [January 12, 1899 - January 26,1983] and Anastasia Stasny [August 31, 1903 - January 16, 1991] married October 30, 1922. - Granger, Texas

image 8014
Family of John L. Machu Sr.,
parents of the two boys in the Machu double wedding l-r standing: John L. Machu Jr. Vera Rozacky, Anton Machu, Albina Svoboda, Frank Machu, Rosie Rozacky, l-r seated: John L. Machu, Sr.,
Raymond, Veronika, Berth Jae, [by gramphone]

image 8015
Wedding of William and Mary Janak Cervenka, ca. 1920, Granger, Texas

image 8016
Overland Car, ca.1920's, Granger, Texas, l-r: Angeline Rozacky, Frantiska
Rozacky [seated] Mary Rozacky, and Gertude Rozacky.

image 8018
Ludvik & Julia Tobolka Cervenka at 50th Wedding Anniversity, Photo by Jno. P. Trlica. Granger, Texas

image 8025
Victor Elick & Andela Zrubek's Wedding Photo, Granger, Texas, Heiman & Schlueter Studio, ca.1894

image 9091
Granger National Bank, ca. 1924, Granger, Texas

 Granger National bank today

image 8026
Arnold Cervenka & Hattie Rozacky Wedding, Granger, Texas, ca. 1935

image 9083
Goodrich Tire Store with "Goodrich Flyer" out front, IOOF Building

image 8027
Family Photo of Bartosh Family, Granger, Texas
Seated l/r: Marcella Bartosh Naizer, young girl in front of Marcella; Annie C. Naizer, young boy to left of Marcella  Henry F. Naizer,  young girl seated on pedestal  Edith Rose Naizer, Valentin Bartosh,  young boy standing = Emil "Sonny". Bartosh, Filomena Vacek Bartosh,  young girl standing = Adele M. Bartosh, Hermina Dubil Bartosh with  young child in arms = Daniel V.  Bartosh, Mary Parma Bartosh.   Standing l/r: John R. Naizer with daughter Mary Ella Naizer, Martha  Bartosh, Timothy D. Bartosh, Edward J. Bartosh, William M. Bartosh with son Louis L.  Bartosh, Emil R. Bartosh The photo was taken sometimes between August
1917 and April 1918.

image 8030
Family of Ludvik & Julia [Tobolka] Cervenka, ca.1949, shown Ludvic and his eleven children after the death of his wife. front row l-r: Ludvic Jr., Frank L., father Ludwig, William, and Emil, back row l-r: Lillian, Augustina, Mary, Adolph, Arnold, Olga, and Clara. Photo by Jno. P. Trlica, Granger, Texas.

image 9016
Home in 1900's of John Baca & Francis Bohac Baca, Granger, Texas


image 8034
Children of Andelka and Marenka Hajda: Angeline Hajda Repa,b. 1916 and
Marie Hajda Repa, b. 1919, photo ca. 1921, Granger, Texas.

image 8035
Wedding of Louis Hajda and Rosie Nemec,
Nov 15, 1915.
Granger, Texas

image 8037
Joe Martinka and Anna David Wedding, Frank Martinka, John Martinka, Anton Janak, Robert David, Emil Bartosh, John Naizer, Peter Nemec

image 8057
Wedding Josef Bohac & Olga Cervenka Bohac, Sept 1927, Granger, Texas

image 8058
Ludvic & Julia Tobolka Cervenka 50th Anniversary w/ Family, Granger, Texas, ca.1933

image 8059
Wedding Photo of Josef Bohac and Olga Cervenka, Sept. 1927, Granger, Texas

image 8060
Ludvik Cervenka & Julia Tobolka Cervenka Family,
ca 1920, Granger, Texas

image 8064
Wedding of John Tobolka & Frances Rychlik, Granger, Texas

image 8065
Johann & Johanna Janak [Naizer] Neusser, first Czech citizens in Granger,
Texas ca. 1889.

image 8235
Nancie and Gracie Pavliska in their sun dresses, ca 1947, Granger, Texas

image 8258
Wedding Photo of Frank Martinets and  Cervenka, parents of Danny Martinets

image 8259
Wedding of Dr. Anton Musil and 2nd wife Mokray. Dr. Musil was the first and only physician in the early days in Granger, Texas.

image 8262
Wedding Portrait of Heisch Family, Granger, Texas

image 8286
Heisch Family

image 8287
Young Lady

image 8288
Two Young Children

image 8299
Baby Photo

image 8300
John Bohac and Aloisia Naizer Bohac Wedding, Granger, Texas, ca. 1903

image 8301
Czech Wedding Group, ca. 1930, photo by Trlica, Friendship Community east of Granger, Texas

image 8306
Wedding of Marcella Bartosh and John R. Naizer, Granger, Texas

image 8315
Janak family shown,William Cervenka and wife, Mary Janak and children. Granger, Texas

image 8316
Wedding of William Bartosh and Hernima Dubil, Granger, Texas

image 8318
Family of John R. Naizer, Granger, Texas

Front row l/r: Mary Lee Man Naizer, Edith Naizer Hajda, Tilie Marie  Prikryl, John R. Naizer, Henry L. Naizer, Marcella Bartosh Naizer,  Andrew G. Prikryl, Mary Ella Naizer Prikryl and Martha Otilie Naizer  Standing l/r: Henry F.  Naizer, Timothy P. Hajda, Bernard B. Naizer, Johnny H. Naizer, Daniel L. > Naizer, Andrew A. Prikryl and Laddie Naizer

image 8328
Family of Johann Neusser [Naizer] and Johanna Janak, Granger, Texas
l/r: Anton, Aloisia, Joseph, Millie, Johann and Johanna.  On porch l/r: - Johanna Neusser Klimicek and her children: Martha,   Joseph, Ladislav, Hattie and Matilda. Taken prior to 1910

image 8334
Bartosh Family,
standing L-to-R Marcella & John R. Naizer, Emil, William, Edward - seated,
L to R Timothy, Valentin Bartosh, Martha, & Filomena Vacek Bartosh;
one of the original families in Granger, Texas

image 9006
Granger Political Hall and General Merchandise Store, ca. 1896, located where current Granger National Bank in 1998. Granger, Texas

image 9007
Catholic Church in Granger, Texas, dedicated in 1891, was destroyed and rebuilt in 1916 at a total cost of $32,000 and was paid off in one year.

image 9009
A.W. Storrs Opera House, Granger, Texas photo ca. 1980, building torn down

image 9010
Celebration on Main Street, Granger, Texas ca. 1910. Per Mr. Rozacky "This was probably a crowd gathered to see the imagine band off at the train station. They often went to the Cotton Palace in Waco to play and also to New Braunsfel."

image 9015A
Aerial view of Granger, 2 Photos, Granger, Texas


image 9075
West Side Main St. Granger, TX., 1916


image 9015B
Aerial view of Granger, 2 Photos, Granger, Texas

image 9076
East Side Main St. Granger, TX.

East Side Main St. Granger,
looking east



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