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  County Clerks of Williamson County

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B. Gooch
County Clerk 1849-1854

Levi Pennington
County Clerk 1854-62 
1864-67 1874-82

J. S. Ming
 County Clerk

J. M. Shell
County Clerk 1869-1870

W. T. Dalrymple
County Clerk 1870-1874

J. W. Hodges
County Clerk 1892-1898

John A Brewster
County Clerk 1898-1904

Thos. M Flinn
County Clerk 1904-1912

C. T. McMurray
County Clerk 1912-1918

Mrs. M. L. Campbell
County Clerk 1918-1922

R. E. Moore
County Clerk 1923-1934

C. O. Beaver
County Clerk
June 1934 to Dec 1934

D. L. Nobles
County Clerk 1935-1941

Dick Cervenka
County Clerk 1949_1979

James N. Boydston
County Clerk 1979-1991

Elaine Miller Bizzell County Clerk 1991-1998

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