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Central Texas Troopers

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Ay Allee Jr

Bill Quinn

Charles S. "Moore
or Moase"

Trenton Horton

Col Wilson
Spears Headman

C.W. Bednar

G.W. Burke

Arthur W. Hill

Capt. John Wood

Walter Russell

Harry Phillips

Jack Van Cleve

R.A. Bob Crowder

J.L. Ragus

Joe H. Bridge

WP Bill Baten

Capt. Frank Hamer

Auturio Rodriquez

right Capt. Texas Ranger Woods, center Dudley White

Capt. A.Y. Allen

Buddy Hendricks

Dudley White

G.W. Burks

Charles Neel

L.H. Purves

Bill Gunn

Glen Elliott

Capt. Jim Riddle

O.J. Luther

Joe Davis

Henry Ligan


Sidney Merchant

Bob Sauors

M.W. Williamson

Capt. Eddy Oliver

Frank Hoger

Perry E. Dickerson

Bryson Curren

Bill DeLoach

L.H. Dawson

"Red" R.M. Arnold

Chief James M. Ray

George Roach

Clint Peoples

J.P. Lynch

Bill Willson

Hollis M. Sillavan

Levi Duncan

Johnny Kiumsow

James A. Wright

Newton W. Clark

Mart Jalnes

Earl Stewart

Gene Graves

R. L. Badgett

Lester Robertson

J. B. Eddins

R. W. Caffee

Joe Thompson.

George W. Carlson

Chief L.G. Phares

Chief L.G. Phares
TX Hwy Patrol


 George W Gambill

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