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  New Hope First Baptist Church Cemetery
Historical Marker,
Cedar Park, Texas

Location: 200 W New Hope Dr, off US 183


New Hope First Baptist Church and Cemetery - Historical Marker

Although Baptist worship services may have been conducted in this area as early as 1848, this church was not formally chartered until 1868. On October 22 of that year the organizational meeting was held in the home of James M. and Elizabeth Trammell, pioneers of the rural Block House community. Six charter members formed the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Christ, and the Rev. Thomas F. Bacon was chosen to serve as the first pastor. The church cemetery was first used in 1869 for the burial of Martha Elizabeth Inman, the wife of deacon S. C. Inman. Other marked gravesites include those of settlers who were prominent early leaders of the church and community. For over a century the New Hope First Baptist Church has been instrumental in the development of the Cedar Park area. From 1871 until 1919 the church building was also used for the public school. Pastors have included such leading Baptist ministers as missionary J. E. Hamilton, who died in Brazil of yellow fever, and the Rev. D. E. Simpson, board member and first treasurer of the Texas Baptist Children's Home, who was baptized and ordained here.



Location: 200 W New Hope Dr, off US 183

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The New Hope Cemetery
Historical Narrative

The New Hope Cemetery is under the jurisdiction of the New Hope First Baptist Church and is located on Church property adjoining the church building. One side of the cemetery is on U.S. Highway 183 . It was opened in 1869 and is still in use.

The first grave in the cemetery is that of Martha Elizabeth Inman. She was buried in 1869 at the age of 38 years, no birth date is given. She was the first wife of S.C. Inamn, who was born August 8,1827 and died November 20, 1906. Mr. Inman and his family were very active in the New Hope Church. [1]

Four years later the Tubb Family buried their infant daughter, Nancy, in the cemetery. Nancy Tubb, daughter of J.C. and Elizabeth Tubb was born April 22,1873 and died July 22,1873. J.C. Tubb was born March 5, 1832 and died February 12,1918. Elizabeth Tubb was born February 27, 1837, and died March 3, 1914. Other members of the family were buried in the cemetery as late as 1951. The Tubb family name appears in the records as having sold land to the trustees of the church in 1879. [2]

James M. Trammell was born May 13, 1809 and died April 24, 1881. His wife, Elizabeth was born February 21, 1818 and died March 20, 1887. They were numbered among the founders of the New Hope Baptist Church. The organizational meeting was held in their home. [3] Later, they gave land or sold it to the trustees of the church.

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