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Texas Historical Commission

 1727:   A Spanish military officer observes a large herd of buffalo crossing Brushy Creek.

 1848:   James G. Harrell builds the first schoolhouse in Williamson County, at Moss' Spring on Lake Creek (near the current Round Rock High School), with Hudson Allen employed to teach the settlers' children.

 1867:   The first cattle drives from Williamson County:  Reverend R. M. Overstreet leads a herd to Abilene, Kansas, and brothers J. C. and B. F. Juvenal drive a herd of 400 to Baxter Springs, Kansas, remaining there until the spring.

 1877:   The Williamson County Sun reports the local news: "Hot, hotter, hottest."

 1882:   The Round Rock Quid Nunc reports a free hot air balloon ascension for the townspeople.

 1889:   P. J. Luney of Round Rock announces that he is shipping 185 train car loads of limestone for buildings in Dallas, Houston and Galveston.

 1900:   The Round Rock Broom Factory opens at its new location in New Town (100 East Main).  For the second straight year, William Flint wins the $20 prize for the first bale of cotton ginned in Round Rock.

 1921:   At an outing of the Round Rock Gun Club, John Merrill, Jr. (age 8) breaks 16 out of 20 targets.

 1930:   New RRISD Superintendent C. O. Britt arrives from Martindale.

 1934:   L. O. Ramsey resigns after six years as City Marshal, and Tom McNeese is elected to succeed him.

 1949:   Texas Ranger Captain Fred Olson of Round Rock receives national recognition by CBS radio for his handling of a recent situation in Burnet.

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