Williamson County
Historical Commission


by Geraldine Heisch

photo F by Martha and Tony Machalek


The first year the new consolidated Friendship school opened was 1923-24.- The first principal was R. T. Laurence. The large building housed grades one through eleven. (12th grade was added in 1941-42). The smaller building was the Home Economics and Agriculture building. In later years it was the lunchroom, office, and held grades seven and eight.

The room on the left of the large building held the fifth and sixth grades while the room on the right was for the first and second grades. The third and fourth grades were in the room directly behind first and second grades. Seventh and eighth grades were in a room behind fifth and sixth grades. The ninth, tenth and eleventh grades were in the middle room with a large auditorium to the back of this middle area. The auditorium had a roll-up canvas type stage curtain with a large colorful water wheel scene with-many advertisements of area merchants around it.

In 1942-43 the Friendship High School students were sent to Granger to complete their education. From then until 1958 only the elementary grades one through eight were taught here. Then in 1958 Friendship School consolidated with Granger and classes ceased to be held in this fine building. (Part of the large building was moved to Granger where it was used for classrooms for a few more years.)

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